Saturday, February 4, 2017

What Do You Call a Group of Hedgehogs?

I've got a few more hedgehog cards to share today...
Created with the last of the hedgehogs that are part of my little stack of 100 colored images.

As I was taking photos of these last few hedgehog cards...
I started thinking....
I wondered if there was a specific name for a group of hedgehogs...
You geese...
a group of geese is a gaggle (when they are not in flight...and a skein, when they are in flight)
Or fish...
a group of fish is called a school.
Groups of Rabbits and/or cows are called...a herd

So I poked around on line...and found out that a group of hedgehogs is called....a prickle.

today I am happy to share a prickle of hedgehogs with you!
Card making and a vocabulary lesson!
Whatta ya know!

I used two different hedgehog stamp sets...
Stampin Up's Hedgehog oldie...but always a goodie...
From this set I used the hedgehog holding the balloon.
and from Penny Black's Hedgehog Party, I used the little hedgehog floating in air...holding a balloon

All of the cards are similar...but different...
Different prints.....details.....and colors...
Some were colored with Alcohol Markers...others were colored with Polychromos pencils.
The first 3 cards show the image from the Stampin Up stamp set.
I created the little mini party banner embellishments  with a Stampin Up punch.

I LOVE mini dots...
and I love the "dottiness" of this card...
The print is dotted...and the solid blue card stock layer is embossed with mini dots

Pretty Pink Posh Sparkling Clear Sequins  are my #1 favorite sequin.
Every time I visit the Stamp Ink paper Store  , I pick up a few packages.
(Actually...let me confess....I'm hoarding them)
The Sparkling Clear sequins have a  fantastic diamond-like sparkle.

The next two cards were created with a hedgehog stamp 
from the Penny Black Hedgehog Party stamp set.

there are my little dots again!

I believe that I have now created cards with all of the colored and ready-to-go
hedgehog images in my little stack of 100 colored images..
and now..
I Finally have a nice little stash of kid friendly birthday cards.

Stamping and coloring for a week and having these 100 images ready to be made into a card 
has been a great thing for me as I've been working on replenishing my card stash.
Finally!! I have cards on hand....again.
And, because I almost always create multiples of a card...
or a variation of a card
Having multiple of images colored, and on standby, has been a good thing!

Now,  after using all of the hedgehog images...
I'm ready to browse through my stack of images 
to choose which I will use to create my  next little stack of cards!

Thanks for visiting, my crafty and creative friends!
Wishing you a wonderful day! 


  1. I have that same set of Stampin Up but I have many Penny Black hedgehogs and everyone that receives them just loves them. You can't help but be happy when you have them on a card. Thanks for sharing your cards, they are all so very cute.!

  2. Thanks so much!....and yes! I agree!...Hedgies are simply adorable....


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