Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Die Cut Leprechaun for St. Paddy's Day

Hello my crafty and creative friends!
My St. Patrick's Day card making is winding down.
Before I move on to doing some floral water coloring
I have one last Cricut-die-cut St. Paddy's Day card to share with you.

It's THIS cutie!
I had THE best time designing and creating a short stack of this card.
At first, I cut the parts and pieces to make just one leprechaun..
thinking that it wold be tedious to put together.
One wold be enough..I thought.
Cutting and putting together all of the leprechaun's layers
wasn't tedious at all...
(A pleasant surprise)
So...I cut out a bunch more and created a nice short stack of cards 
created with this adorable little guy in the spotlight!
I had this pretty golden shamrock print set aside...
waiting for just the right card making moment to use it.
This card seemed like the right moment!
I kept the colors of Ireland as the color palette
for this card...
an chose gold metallic card stock as the largest mat layer
to complement the gold shamrocks
I matted the shamrock piece and positioned it with fun foam
for added dimension.

This little guy makes me smile!
I have to say...
After completing the short stack of leprechaun cards
I was kinda sad to see the leprechaun making come to an end.
I really enjoyed designing and creating this card
from start to finish!
with my 2019 St Patrick's Day card making complete...
I'll be heading out to my studio to do some floral image water coloring.
(A friend asked for quite a few water colored floral cards...
Water coloring is something that I love to do
So this next card making project will keep me happy and busy least through the weekend)

What's on your card making agenda today?

Thanks for visiting...
Have a terrific Thursday!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Happy St Patrick's Day...Die Cutting and Layering to Create a card

Hello my crafty and creative friends!

I've been enjoying making St Paddy's cards with my Cricut
which means that I've got another St. Paddy's day card to to share!

One for the things that I've been enjoying...
is editing and customizing images from Design Space.
The shamrocks shown on this card allowed me to have fun doing that!
I love taking a DS image and creating an edited version that is card front sized.
and it's extra fun when there are (lots) of layers needed to complete the image.
That's what I did when creating this card.
This card actually has 7 layers of card stock and paper...
I also chose to use a basket weave embossing folder 
to add some texture to one of the card stock layers

I stamped the Sentiment on to white  card stock
then hand cut the double ended banner.
The sketchy shamrock print was ideal for this card, I think.
The sentiment piece...the shamrocks...
and the matted shamrock and basket weave piece
were all positioned with fun foam and foam dimensionals.
(Yes...lots of dimension for this CAS card!

I'm happy with how each element..the color palette...
and the texture and dimension all came together
to create this St Patrick's Day card.
Creating a short stack of this card was lots of fun!

I've still got one more stack of a St Patrick's day card design 
that I have in mind to create...
and then I need to get busy with replenishing my stash of Birthday...Thank You...
Sympathy and Get Well cards.
How about you?
What's on YOUR card making agenda?

Thanks for visiting today...
Wishing you a terrific Tuesday!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Irish Blessings

March is on the way...
and that tells me that it's time to create 
a few St. Patrick's Day themed cards!

This year
I've decided to use the Cricut
to create die cut St. Patty's Day cards.
I recently picked up some nice print paper 
that I knew would be perfect for St. Patty's cards...
so I got busy creating with some card s tock...some prints...
and my trusty Cricut.
Today I'm sharing a few cards with 2 different Irish Blessings.
I created a short stack of each card design.

I chose this simple but beautiful sentiment 
for this card.
The 2 layer shamrock frame was originally a round frame.
I altered/edited the shape to create an oval
which I thought would be a nice look for this blessing.
I used this sweet shamrock print 
and matted it with orange card stock.
The sentiment was stamped...
then die cut with an oval cross stitched die
and attached to the shamrock frame.
Next...I used fun foam to position the framed sentiment piece
for added dimension.
To finish the card.I added one small emerald green rhinestone
to the sentiment piece.

You can see the dimension/lift created
by using fun foam when placing the shamrock frame.

The second Irish Blessing card that I created
used a different sentiment...
one that I have always loved.
I used the same print..and oval shamrock frame
as well as the oval cross stitched die 
when creating this card.

Because this sentiment was larger and die cut with a larger cross stitched die..
The light green shamrock frame layer isn't visible.
I was totally okay with that
and was happy with how this card looked after the blessing was placed onto the frame.
As with the card above...
I used fun foam on this card 
when positioning the assembled sentiment and frame piece..
and finished this card with a small emerald green rhinestone as well.

I look forward to creating a few St Patty's Day cards every year.
Using the Cricut for the cards has been fun!
And each time I use the Cricut..I'm learning a little bit more about
all that it can do.

I'll be back again in a day or two 
to share another St. Patrick's Day card!
Hope to see you then!