Monday, December 10, 2018

Sending Christmas Wishes...With a Big Beautiful Poinsettia Card

I am so happy and excited to share today's card with you, here at my blog!

Every so often, 
I create a card that really makes me happy.
Happy with the process of creating it
and Happy with the finished card.
If I create a card and feel like I want to save it...forever...
Then I know that I am REALLY loving it...
a lot!
For me...THIS is one of those cards!

I've always loved very large oversized stamped images 
for a card front.
I've got lots of stamps with mondo-sized images
and now...with using my Cricut(s) for card making...
I've been  using Design Space to customize die cut images  
to give me the big giant sized images that I love to create cards with!
I chose a deep red  along with green and Kraft card stock 
to create the poinsettia.
For matting I chose ivory metallic card stock 
and matted it with chocolate brown.
The sentiment is by The Ton Stamps
and was stamped with a Kraft/tan colored ink.
I finished each of the cards with a few crystal sequins
to add a little bit of Holiday sparkle.

Lighting in the studio kept changing while I took today's photos
and the sun kept hiding behind the clouds.
So...(Yikes) ...some of the photos are brighter than others...

I love the size...dimension of the poinsettia...
It's so big and luscious

I created a short stack of 3 of this card
and am thinking that I'm going to create a few more this week
because I am loving this big gorgeous poinsettia

So pretty...

Looking at this gorgeous poinsettia makes me feel so happy
 that I've FINALLY started using both my Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker.
I am still wondering why....for so many years....
and with owning so many different Cricuts...
I never took the time...or interest in sitting down to enjoy using them!
Because now...after just a few weeks...
I am totally and completely hooked on the Maker and Explore!

I've got a few Cricut projects lined up for the coming weeks...
all for the Christmas Holiday...
Some tags...some vinyl projects...and a few more cards.
Somewhere...along the way...
I hope to do some stamping and water coloring as well.
I'll be sharing my cards and projects here at my blog...
and look forward to you visiting again!

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

A CAS Holiday Card with a Beautiful Layered Ornament

Just when I thought that I couldn't be happier with my Cricut card making escapades...
 This card happened..
and my love for my Cricut machines went off of the charts!

Moving forward over this past week from being brand new to the Cricut
and feeling hesitant about experimenting with it to see what the possibilities are
has been nothing but fun!
I'm particularly enjoying customizing the sizing of the images
and choosing images that have lots of scrumptious layers.
Today's cards has both!
A mondo sized image...and lots and lots of layers!

I chose lighter muted traditional holiday colors
and added some Kraft and black card stock colors as well.
The green mat layer was inked.. and matted with some bold bright red glitter paper.
The larger Kraft mat layer was matted with black 
to pick up the largest shadow layer of the ornament.

When I look at this big beautiful uber layered image I think... can stand on its own...
It needs nothing else.

CAS cards are truly my "thing"...
and this card fits the bill.

Everything about this card feels "right " to me...
(The me who shies away from a busy cluttered look on a card.)
The little bit of glitter paper matting peeking out form behind the ornament
is "just enough", I think.

Here's a closer look at the details...

I'm going to put my Cricut to wok later today...
to create a short stack oft this card...
They'll ll be a nice addition to to my Christmas and Holiday card stash!

Thanks for visiting today my  friends!
Wishing you a wonderful day!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

A Golden Jingle Bell

Hello my crafty and creative friends!
My adventures with the Cricut Maker and Explore continue...
I took the plunge and FINALLY unboxed my Cricut machines and USED them
and it's been been lots of fun!
My hesitancy to get involved with "electronic" die cutting 
is now part of my card making past
an I find myself wondering why I resisted for so long.

One of the things that I'm enjoying is resizing images to make them mondo-sized...
(Big enough to fill up a card front.)
Yesterday's cards...the snowman and sleigh filled with gifts
were super large and wonderful, I think!
Today's card features another large image
(not quite as large as the snowman and sleigh...
but still...this jingle bell is definitely card front sized!)

My true style of card making is very CAS
(Clean And Simple)
and so today's very CAS.
I chose a print and color palette 
that lean towards traditional Christmas colors....
Green...ivory...metallic red.... a little bit of metallic gold..
and I added Kraft colored card stock for the largest shadow layer.
The little bit of shimmer and shine in the metallics 
adds just little bit of zing to the card...
in a good way!
In the end...I has a very card...
with this wonderful layered die cut image.
I started out trying two layer images...then gave 3 a try...
Today...this die cut has 4 layers..which, I think...
make it so beautiful an add so much great dimension.

I love the details in the swirled ribbon and the jungle bell itself.

Just when you think you're on a roll...
you realize that somehow...
in your joy and happiness of creating a few cards with this great image
you forgot to add a layer!
(*I kept looking at this card after it was made....
and I kept thinking..."Something is missing"
But...I couldn't figure out what that "Something" was)

The next day...when I was placing each card into a cellophane bag...
I realized that one layer was missing...
A "Duh" moment for me

Still a keeper... I think.

Positioning the die cut image with dimensionals 
creates a black shadow which, I guess...
is a good thing!

So...there we have it...
another day of Cricut-created Christmas/Holiday cards!
And another day when I say...
I had FUN creating a short stack of this card.

I've still got a few more Cricut inspired cards lined up to create
and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you my blog.

Thanks for visiting today...
Have a spectacular Saturday!