Monday, October 10, 2016

Quilted Crafting Tool Covers for the Big Shot..Cricut...Gemini...MISTI and Stampoholic

Sharing this info for those of you who have asked about the "covers" 
that I ordered for my Scan N Cut...Cricut...Big Shot Plus..and assorted sizes of the MISTI and Stampoholic....
and about the person who makes the covers...

**You can reach out to Laurie via FB by going LAURIE 

PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT affiliated with the person who makes these covers...OR the companies that make any of the tools shown in the photos....I am posting photos because group members have asked me to share photos of the custom covers that I ordered from Laurie Anderson (via FB contact) I am posting all of the photos here in one album....
I also have covers for the Scan N cut and Cricut (will post photos soon)
Laurie has many covers made..ready to a large selection of different fabric prints. MY covers (shown in the photos) were custom made with fabric that I match the colors in my studio.
If you're interested in getting covers for your tools..
as noted can reach out to Laurie via a private message here: LAURIE



JUMBO Stampoholic


Regular size (Original) MISTI and Stampoholic
NOTE: only one tool fits in a cover


okay...that's it....I don't have photos of the Scan n Cut or Cricut covers....
again...please know that I am not affiliated with the creator of the covers...

I'm just a fellow crafter who was asked to share photos and info about the other crafts who were interested in them

Have a great day...


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