Wednesday, July 12, 2017

DO NOT CUT!...A Few More Cards Created with Beautiful Print Paper

I NEVER do 2 blog posts on the same day...
I wanted to share another card that I created...
simply because I didn't want to cut up a gorgeous sheet of 12 x 12 paper into small pieces...
or use it as a mat layer...which would mean hiding it behind other paper..or an image...

I like the purple flower print that I posted earlier..but THIS PRINT???
Oh My Gosh...
Be still my heart!
it's gorgeous to the max...
make the max squared times infinity!

THIS sheet of 12 x 12 BEYOND gorgeous.

The "old" Michelle...
The paper HOARDER
would have saved this paper for the rest of eternity.
(Yes...that USED to be true of me) 
But...the current Michelle...The paper USER 
wanted to actually...USE the paper.
BUT....with one stipulation...
I WOULD NOT and COULD NOT cut it up into unrecognizable pieces.

So this is what I came up with..
6 cards...with an assortment of words accompanying "Beautiful"
(I used the "Beautiful" Stamp and Die duo from The Stamps of Life)
*I love that this die has a shadow

Now I ask you...

Because this is my second blog post today...
and I am getting ready to head out to the studio to make cards with a friend momentarily...
I won't explain how I created the card
It's pretty basic actually.
I will note, though, that the shadowed "Beautiful" and the matted words 
were positioned with foam dimensionals.

simple can be a good thing.

I'm always in need of birthday cards...
so I made sure to make a few birthday cards as well.

 just LOVE this print...
and everything about it...
the flowers...
the colors...
I don't regret using it...
*Says the "new" and very proud paper-using-non-paper-hoarding Michelle.
But...I must confess.. I'm sad that I don't have 25 more sheets of it to enjoy.

If you've had...or had beautiful-paper-use "issues" 
like me...
(bordering on needing therapy)
and would like to "talk about it"
please feel free to comment below

Thanks for visiting...again...
Have a terrific day!


  1. Turtle,Therese Marquez,Michelle,love them all just beautiful! To make my rainy day happy! 🎈🐢🎈

  2. I can relate. I have a few pieces that I can't seem to cut up. Great solution to the problem...these cards are beautiful.

  3. Perfect way to use that gorgeous paper! I am also a paper hoarder and have so many beautiful sheets in my "stash"- thanks for the inspiration to create with the paper and let it go!! Hugs and I hope you have a blessed week!


  4. Beautiful! Love flower themes. Have loved flowers as long as I can remember and often use them myself.

  5. I love seeing the same design colored many ways! Your cards are beautiful, and I thank you for sharing!

  6. My husband says I have enough papers to wall paper the house.😂


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