Monday, July 24, 2017

Brutus Monroe Botanical Background....Day 2...Version 2

Hello my crafty and creative friends!

I'm back today with another "look" for
Brutus Monroe's BOTANICAL BACKGROUND stamp.
I enjoyed doing some color splashing on yesterday's card...
and thought that I'd do another color splashed group of cards.
(If you missed the first group of cards...check out yesterday's blog post)

For today's group of cards...I switched up the color palette
and chose a different bloom from the image to add color to.
I used Spectrum Noir (alcohol) markers to add color
Like the first group of cards (yesterday)...
I kept the image colors very soft and neutral. 

For the chosen bloom...the rose...
I went with a group of deep red tones that blended together nicely. 
I added Clear Wink of Stella to each rose after it was colored.....
Next....I chose prints...and mat colors
that complemented the image.

I created 3 red rose color splashed cards....
2 sympathy...
and 1 Happy Birthday.
For the sympathy cards I chose a very subtle print that looks like black linen fabric.
For the birthday card...I chose a distressed dot print.
I used an assortment of sentiments from different stamp sets

Before I share photos of the cards...
I have a confession to make.
The red rose was not my idea...
My crafty bestie said..."How about making one of the flowers red".
So...I gave it a try...(thinking...nah.... I'm not gonna like it) bestie was on to something!
I loved it...
and I loved it enough to do a red color splash to 2 more cards!
So...thank YOU, Debbie, for the idea and inspiration!! 💗

This is the sympathy card...
The neutral tones are a very light green for the leaves..and a very light tan for the blooms
The LCI metallic card stock matting matches the color of the neutral blooms perfectly.
I felt like saying YIPPEE when I had a lightbulb-over-my-head-moment
and put them together.'s the Birthday card....
For the neutrals I used the same light green...
But switched it up and used light grey for the blooms.
I love the red metallic matting ...
It adds a little spunk to this card, I think.
Each of the image pieces...for all 3 cards.... were matted with metallic card stock 
...then positioned with a large piece of fun foam for a nice sturdy lift.
My days of using small foam dimensionals
 under large image pieces are LONGGGGG gone...
I never liked that the image never felt solid.
(unless I used an entire pkg of those little dimensionals!)
I switched over to fun foam a long long time ago and am so glad that I did.
(I still use the little dimensionals for little things. )

The Wink of Stella on each rose WAS my idea 😉
(Not Debbie's...haha)
The red metallic card stock that I chose for matting 
adds a little bit of shimmer to the cards which is nice.

Color splashing this Botanical background image these past 2 days was really lots of fun.
I could have gone on and on and on creating more color splashed cards...
trying out different colors,
But...I had to remind myself that I still have other plans in mind for this fantastic stamp
and needed to move on to the next card that I had in mind....but hadn't created ....yet.

I hope that you visit again tomorrow to see what's next for this Botanical Background!
Have a great day!
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