Monday, July 17, 2017

A Set of Embossed Vellum Cards

HI everyone!
I've been busy creating cards with some new-to-me 
transparent colored Vellum.

I am a true-blue CAS card maker...
and today's cards are very me...very CAS.

With the exception of the base card...
all of today's card stock and Vellum are by LCI...
I chose the Vellum colors that I wanted to use...
and chose embossing folders that seemed suited for the Vellum colors...
as well as the sentiments.
I then chose matting colors that complemented each Vellum color
as well as the sentiment chosen for each card.
*Sentiments are from a GREAT stamp set called...
SIMPLY SENTIMENTS... by Reverse Confetti
There was lots of coordinating going on with today's cards!

In the end...
I had 4 embossed vellum cards with an assortment of metallic card stock colors 
for layering and matting 
I used an an assortment of sentiments.

I've got a photo of each of the 4 cards to share with you today..
The Ebony vellum used on this first card is a heavier weight vellum
The weight of this Transparent Vellum is 54 lbs
When a light source is behind this 54 lb can see the transparency nicely 

The next 3 cards were created with
...also great vellum to emboss.
Although its a lighter weight than the Ebony vellum above...
it held up to embossing nicely.

Because the 3o lb is more transparent
I chose to use LCI White Metallic cards stock behind the vellum..
(Had I used a would have altered the look of the vellum color...
so I kept that first mat layer white/neutral
on each of the following cards

The PLACID BLUE from this collection of vellum is a really nice shade of blue...

The SCARLET RED vellum has a nice depth of color..
yet is still transparent.

and the last card..
created with LEAF GREEN vellum shows the embossing nicely, I think.

For me...being a card maker....
I was happy to find that Each of the 30 lb weight colors that I have tried
 are transparent enough to stamp behind...
allowing the stamping to show through.
And both  the 54 lb...and the 30 lb stood up nicely to embossing...
That was s thrill for me...because often...I have found that vellum cracks when embossed.

SO...I can finally day that I have found a vellum that works well for me with stamping....matting...layering...die cutting...and embossing!
All of this means that LCI TRANSPARENT COLORS VELLUM gets a BIG thumbs up for me
and will now take up residency in my studio!

Thanks for visiting today my crafty an creative friends!
Have a marvelous Monday!


  1. Michelle, I am happy to find that these other weights of vellum and colors are so versatile. I own a very thin vellum which creates problems. Do you find that the heavier weights stay flat when glues only in certain places?

  2. HI Kren...The 30 lb and the 54 lb both worked well on today's cards....The biggest thrill for me was no cracking when embossing...
    The heavier weight is the darker using a tiny glue dots (Bling Dot size) worked nicely when placed in strategic spots behind the vellum....
    on the brighter colors...which are 30 lbs I was able to do the same thing...but had to give a little bit more attention to where i placed the dots...(I only used a few towards the corners and nestled them into the embossing...
    and also, behind the sentiment piece...the vellum area thats not visible because its behind the sentiment......i used few small pieces of Scor tape...for maximum hold.
    I always look for placed to hide dry adhesive when using vellum....I have fond that "Vellum" adhesives still show I have given up on them and now I just use some strategy with regard to where I will place the dots or scor-tape.

  3. Michelle,thanks for the new knowledge of the weight of the vellum . Have worked with it but not that much ! So now I will have to experiment with the weight! What do you use to adhere it to the paper! Thanks again !🐒🎈🐒


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