Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Month of Cards....February 2016 ~The Month in Review

I love looking back at the cards that I have created.
They remind me of techniques, products, color palettes and sketches that I enjoyed working with
...or maybe not.

There are always cards that are favorites
Cards that I go back create again...and again..
and sometimes...not.

For me...a card just has to feel right...
and when it does...
it' a joy to create.
And in the end, I am pleased with every little detail having to do with that card.
(Sometimes, I love a card so much I almost dread placing it in the Bellissima Card Shop, for sale.)
But I do.

Looking back, February was a good card month.
I can honestly say that I enjoyed, and loved, each and every card that I created.
If I had to choose a favorite...
I would choose a collective favorite..
The water colored cards.
I REALLY love water coloring.

I hope that when you re-visit February's cards with me
that you feel inspired to create some cards of your own
or head over to easy to visit the Bellissima Card Shop to place an order so that you can send some beautiful cards to people that are special to you.

And's a little re-cap of February's cards....
(in no particular order)

Did you have a favorite?
I'd love to know which card you loved most...
You can tell me, in a comment below

As for me..I am already looking ahead to March..
and all of the creative card making  possibilities that await me!

Card loving friends: you can purchase cards like the cards you've just seen, by visiting the Bellissima Card Shop HERE

Card making friends: I hope that this February re-cap has inspired you...and that you spend time creating beautiful cards of your own, some time soon!

Thanks for visiting!

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