Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Half Hour Card in 2 LONGGGGG Hours

Remember my blog post the other day...
When I shared a card
and called title the Blog post
"A 10 Minute Card in 6 Minutes"

Well...this card was the opposite of that.
This birthday card was the half hour card that took almost 2 hours.

Holy schmoly.
What the heck???

I started out on this adventure with the simple intent of making a birthday card 
using the Corner Banner Die

I cut the banner die...
I actually cut 2
for layering.
One with a solid color card stock
One with a print
I liked it.

About the paper....
I felt "obligated" to use a 12x12 Stampin Up Birthday themed pad of paper...
I say "obligated" because it has been sitting in the Studio...untouched...
for a while.
I did find a mix of a few prints that I liked enough...
not crazy about them..
but I was thinking they might work.
So I guess that you can say I liked the print paper...
and I definitely liked the corner banner die.

And then...
I didn't like anything after that.

I cut 3 different birthday cake dies...
Didn't like any of them
Got out a few cupcake dies.
Cut them
Didn't float my boat.

Ugh Ugh Ugh
Nothing was working.
Nothing felt "right"
(but that's okay...I still waned to create a few birthday cards)

I thought...
What happened to 
"I think that I'll go out into the studio tonight make a few birthday cards" (?)

I was SO determined to put together a card that I liked.
A card that felt "right".

I got out my organizer thingy that holds all of my birthday themed dies...
Been there...done that already...that's how this birthday card thing started....
With an innocent browse thru the birthday binder box
Nonetheless, I went through the entire binder box...
That makes twice for the binder box..
and nothing  thrilled me.

I realized that the banner came with a candle die..
(and a birthday cake die that I do NOT like at all)
I cut the candle...
and loved it!
Then...a word die set from Stephanie Bernard's Stamps of life caught my eye...
so I took that out of the organizer as well.

It was all starting to feel "right"

I committed to the prints..
I committed to the card stock
I committed to the dies.

I wasn't liking the card stock.
it was flat
No texture
(I LOVE texture and dimension)

So..I got out a favorite embossing folder that I haven't used in ages.
(If my Mom were alive she would say..."I haven't used that folder since HECTOR WAS A PUP"
I would always ask..."WHO IS HECTOR?"
I never did find out who Hector was
Why haven't I Googled that already?

Okay....enough about Hector 
whoever he is....
Let's just assume that he is old....
the saying kind of hints at that.

Now...back to the card making...
(by the way...during the entire time.... I was totally unaware of what the clock was saying
I had no clue as to what time it was.)

I got to work....cutting...
and almost...without effort...
everything came together.

It all felt.....

In the end...
I liked how this card (finally) came together .
What do you think?

Oh!...isn't that glittery sparkly touch on the flames nice?
Thank you Spectrum Noir Sparkle Glitter Brush Pens.
I have the complete set and one color is nicer than the other 
and man-o-man...
they sure do sparkle.
As I always say to my friend Debbie, when I find a card making product that I know she would like...
and then...she orders it...
and I always say..
"It was my pleasure to spend YOUR money...I'm happy to be of service"

I'm also glad that I finally cracked opened that 12x12 print pad....
and I'm glad that I tried out a few different dies...
None of which I had ever used before.

By the end of the evening..
I created one of this card...
and cut and prepped all of the materials to create 3 more cards 
like this one 
when I am back in the studio tomorrow 
(You already know that I create multiples 99.9% of the time)
Note: I think that I will lower the Happy Birthday a bit to show more of the candles

After I finished the card...
I looked at the clock...
and couldn't believe it.
2 hours.
THIS card took 2 hours to create
2 hours!

Let's get philosophical now...
Life is full of extremes
A 10 minute card in 6 minutes one day
A half hour card in 2 hours another day.

A dramatic contrast
But it's all good.
Any day that allows me to enjoy my studio and create a card 
or 10...
is a good day.
A very good day.

Card Loving friends: This card and 3 more is today's new additions to The Bellissima Card Shop, and it's available for sale. You can visit the Card Shop by clicking on the direct link at the top of this page.

Card Making friends: The supply list is posted below...basics like adhesive..trimmer etc are not included.

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Supply List:
Paper and card stock: Stampin Up: Melon Mambo and Crushed Curry (card stock) & SU 12 x 12 paper Pad "It's My Party"
Dies: The Stamps of Life (Happy Birthday), QuikKutz (Candle & Banner)
Embossing Folder: Sizzix
Other: Spectrum Noir Sparkle Glitter Brush Pen

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