Saturday, October 20, 2018

Blue Knight Rubber Stamps Giveaway Winners

What a GREAT week it's been!

I've had a great time creating all of this week's cards
with so many fantastic stamps by Blue Knight Rubber Stamps.

I hope that you've enjoyed visiting this week
If you were already familiar with Blue Knight Rubber Stamps...
I hope that you enjoyed seeing some of their fabulous new release stamps....
if Blue Knight is new to you...
I hope that you found a bit of inspiration here at my blog
and have had fun browsing the Blue Knight web site 

we're wrapping up this great week 
with announcing 2 giveaway winners!



Please choose one of the silhouette stamp sets below....
then email your choice, along with your mailing address to me at 
No later than Monday evening
  Birthday Fun             Zach & Marley

                   I'll Never Stop Believing   For Those Who Served                               
Please choose either Mark & Salem...or Tracie and Bailey.
then email your choice, along with your mailing address
to me at
No later than Monday evening
           Mark & Salem               Tracie & Bailey   

****In the event that the winner(s) do not respond by Monday evening
(October 22nd)...alternate winner(s) will be chosen and announced here at the blog 
on Tuesday, October 23rd 

Thanks a bunch for following along here at my blog
thank you for all of your kind comments as well!
Have a wonderful weekend my crafty and creative friends!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Day 6: A Re-Cap of Blue Knight Rubber Stamps Week and Giveaway

Hello my crafty and creative friends!

I can't believe how quickly this week has passed!
It's already time for a re-cap of all of the cards
that I created and shared during Blue Knight Rubber Stamps Week...
here at my blog.

I'm so glad that I don't have to choose a favorite stamp set...or card
because the truth is...
I enjoyed creating each of this week's cards!

There's lots to share today...
Lots of photos to go along with a re-cap of cards.
I'll be sharing a photo of each card...all 12 of them!
and will note the name of the stamp sets tat were used for the focal image.
*If you click on the name of the stamp set(s)....
you'll be linked to the Blue Knight Rubber Stamps web site 
where you can view all of the info for that particular stamp (set).

So...Let's get started!

(GIVEAWAY info will follow the the end of the blog post.
so be sure to follow along to the very end of the re-cap)





DAY #3

The card...

and the YOU & ME card making video tutorial


DAY #5

What a week it has been!
Looking back at all of the cards that I've created during 
reminds me of the creative joy that each stamp set brought me!

I hope that you've found a bit of inspiration here at my blog...
and enjoyed seeing each stamp set in action!

Now it's time for me to do a re-cap about the giveaway
Blue Knight Rubber Stamps is offering this wonderful GIVEAWAY!

* If you have a USA mailing address....leave  comment below
*2 winners will be chosen and announced here at the blog tomorrow...
so don't forget to check in here tomorrow to see who the winners are!

Winner #1 will choose one of the silhouette stamp sets below:

Winner #2 will have the opportunity to choose either 
Mark & Salem OR Tracie & Bailey

Before you head off to post a comment to be "in" on the giveaway...
I'd like to say thank you ...
I'm so glad that you've joined me here at my blog
for Blue Knight  Rubber Stamps Week!
I've appreciated all of the comments you've share here at the blog
as well as via Facebook.
Wishing each of you a wonderful day!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

DAY 5: Blue Knight Rubber Stamps Week & GIVEAWAY

Hello my crafty friends!
Can you believe that it's already Day 5 of 
Blue Knight Rubber Stamps Week & GIVEAWAY, here at my blog?

Somehow, while I've been enjoying creating cards....
This week passed too quickly!

Here's a little summary of what is yet to come...
Today...I'll be sharing 3 new cards..
Tomorrow...I will share a re-cap of ALL of this weeks cards
Saturday...The 2 GIVEAWAY Winners will be announced here at the blog.
Sunday....I'll be a mope...feeling sad...because Blue Knight Week will be over.

But today....I'm VERY excited!
I am LOVING the stamps that I used to create today's cards.
Love Love Love
Wanna see the Blue Knight stamps?
Here they are...

Peaceful Lake (left)...... and Sailboats (right)

I also used  a Happy Birthday sentiment
from the Best Wishes stamp set

When I placed my order at Blue Knight Rubber Stamps 
for all of the stamps that I used for this week's cards
I also picked up a set of 48 Royal & Langnickel Soft Pastels.
When I saw them on the Blue Knight web site, 
I was reminded of how much I used to enjoy coloring with pastels.
As I got more into pencil coloring...alcohol marker coloring and water coloring
I drifted away from using soft pastels.
I'm guessing that I haven't used pastels in about 15 years.
I thought that it was time to work with soft pastels again...
So...I ordered the set of 48 Soft Pastels...and a supply of Fantastix!


I  immediately reached for the pastels when creating the Peaceful Lake card...
Because I wanted to add a soft porcelain color tint to the image.
(not heavy darker coloring)
The soft pastels allowed me to achieve that look.
I also used the Heidi Pettie Cloud Stencil to create a cloudy sky
with the pastels
(A very different cloudy look as compared to using the stencil
with ink pads and Clarity Stencil Brushes...
which is how I usually create cloudy skies)
When the coloring was complete...
I chose a print and solid cherry colored card stock for matting.
this is what I wound up with!

Did I mention that I want to be on the shore of this lake right now!
"Peaceful Lake" is the ideal name for this stamp.
Reuniting with soft pastel coloring was wonderful...
and I was reminded about WHY it's so enjoyable...and relaxing.

After I created the Peaceful Lake card...
I created 2 cards with the gorgeous Sailboats stamp set.
Here's something extra awesome about the sailboats stamp set...
It consists of two sailboat stamps...
one small.
I loved that I had the option of creating cards with 2 different sized images.

I added color to the sailboat cards with Copic markers 
and did some basic layering and matting.
I chose a great ivory map print for one of the cards
and added knotted cotton twine to the other.
I added clouds to the sky with the Heidi Pettie Cloud stencil
and ink lifted from an ink pad with Clarity Stencil Brushes.
I am so pleased with both cards.
I LOVE them.
And never want to send them to anyone!
I want to keep them...forever!
(Did I just say that out loud?)

But was time to set the Peaceful Lake aside...
and ink up the Sailboats!

Look at this gorgeous image!
Be still my heart!
And the Cloud Stencil?
How did I ever live without this stencil!
(Secret: Since discovering this stencil at the Blue Knight web site last Spring...
I have started hoarding them...Yes...I have 3 Cloud Stencils..."Just in case")
In case of what...I do not know...
But...I have 3...just in case,.

You can see the knotted cotton twine nicely in this photo
as well as the matting.
The cherry red card stock was perfect,I think....
 for picking up the red on the boat.

After the love affair with the large sailboat...
It was time to create a card with the smaller sailboat.
If you thought that I was over the moon enough for the larger sailboat card
take a seat for what's about to come...
Me...and some genuine stamp loving lunacy.
Holy Schmoly.
This card makes my little card making heart go skip a beat.

Oh my..
The sailboat....The clouds...The map print card stock...
The kraft card stock matting...the hint of red beneath the image layer...
and the hand-cut matted sentiment banner.
For's true love.

 I was so happy to be feeling the love 
as I created his last card for Blue Knight Rubber Stamps week! 

This is a card that I will make many of ...
Exactly as you see it here....
Just to keep on hand.

This has been a fun and inspiring week for me.
Creating cards with so many new Blue Knight stamps was wonderful!
I'm looking forward to sharing a recap with you tomorrow.
I hope that you found a little bit of inspiration of your own
here at my blog this week
and took time to visit the Blue Knight Rubber stamps web site HERE.
Don't forget to order the Cloud Stencil!
Or order me!

But before you head over to the web site...
Take a sec to post a fast comment below to be in on the 2 giveaways.
On Saturday, two winners will be announced here at my blog.
the first winner will have the opportunity to choose one of the silhouette stamps shown below
And the second winner will choose either Mark and Salem or Tracie and Bailey.

Thanks for visiting today...
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for the full week re-cap!