Thursday, September 21, 2017

An Oldie to Make You Smile

I like to go through my older stamp sets...
Sets that I've had for a very VERY long time...
Love a lot...
and will, most likely...NEVER part with.

I browse through them...
and pull out a set or two that I haven't used in a very very long time...
and then...  I create a few cards
I always find that I enjoy using the set (again) as much as I did in the past
 I'm reminded of WHY I never parted with the stamp set.

Today, I'm sharing a card created with Stampin Up's KIDS AT PLAY stamp set.
A set that was retired in the late 90's...
which should tell you how long I have had it for!
(HINT: Decades)
For me...This set is definitely a "keeper"

Isn't this stamp set adorable?!

CAS is my true style of card making...
so today's card is...of course...very CAS.

I chose the stamp that has both the boy and girl together on one stamp...
Used Copic markers for coloring 
Some PTI dotted print paper..
and  a beige tone (LCI) metallic card stock for matting.
The sentiment is from the Hero Arts HELLO Stamp and Die Set.

I just love this image...and the look on the little girls face.
This sentiment seemed ideal for this sweet card.

While I had this stamp set out...I stamped out a few extra images..
and will create cards with them soon...
(Gotta color them first )

If you've got an oldie but goodie stamp set that you know you will never part with...
How about getting it out today to create a card or two!
You'll be reminded of why you loved the set...and why you have held onto it for so long.
Go on now....
Do it!

Thanks for visiting today my crafty and creative friends!
Wishing you a fabulous day!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Princess Maia

I've enjoyed coloring Prima's Princess Maia image in the past...
so I thought that I'd get out my Copic markers...
stamp Princess Maia out...
and enjoy come relaxing coloring time.

The stamped image is large..
almost the size of an A2 card...
so I kept it simple...
using a deep purple metallic card stock for matting..
and finishing the card with a few Nuvo Jewel Drops.

this is what I wound up with..

Maia is beautiful..
but for's all about the beautiful flowers that are woven into her hair.
I really enjoyed coloring the flowers...

In the end....I had accomplished what I set out to do...
Create a card.

and....for me..
THAT'S  creative time well spent!

Thanks for visiting today my crafty and creative friends..
Have a wonderful Wednesday...
and I hope that you carve out some relaxing creative time for yourself today!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Beautiful Flowers ...and a Prayer

I've had Our Daily Bread Designs "Serenity Prayer" stamp for a very long time
but have never created a card with it.
So I thought that it was time to finally ink it up!

I got out a package of Papertrey Ink's Water Coloring sheets...
chose one that caught my eye and colored it with Copic markers
(instead of water closing it)
I chose 2 metallic card stock colors for some double matting..
(a light green and a deep purple)
I stamped the prayer ...
added a few clear droplets...
and wha-la!
I had a card!

Now that I've finally used the prayer stamp...
I want to create a stack of cards with it..
(The prayer is beautiful...and I love the font style, as well)

Why have I waited for so long to use this stamp?
(Why do I wait so long use many of my stamps??)

The coloring sheets are great to have on hand 
for days when I have limited creative time.
I'm glad that I have them in my stash
This particular design seemed ideal for the Serenity Prayer stamp.

Thanks for visiting today, my crafty and creative friends!
Have a terrific Tuesday!