Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Thinking of You...and My New Sidekick

Hello my crafty and creative friends!
I've been MIA lately
and THIS is why!


After many years...14 to be exact...
we have a dog again!
we are thrilled...smitten...and overjoyed!
we have had 2 puppies this past week.
Both are rescue puppies.
The first little guy was with us for one week...but had concerning aggression issues
and we were encouraged to return him to the shelter.
We were heartbroken...and knew that we wanted to have a dog
and so....within 24 hour...
we met this sweetie...a rescue puppy from South Carolina
who was being cared for and fostered by a small local rescue organization.

Jackson is a doggy dream come true and we are totally in love with him!
He is smart...a big love... cuddly mush...
and he is the ideal puppy for our family.
like any other puppy...
he requires lots of attention!
(Which has kept me out of the studio...and away form my card making)

Last night, though...
I did manage to create a few cards...
and am happy to share them with you today.

I had a great THINKING of YOU Tammy Tutterow (Spellbinders) stamp that hadn't been inked up ....yet
and thought that I'd match it up with some awesome
GMUND Urban Brasilia Dust Wood Grain Paper (LCI).
I colored the images with Copic Markers
and finished each card with a few clear (Morning Dew) Nuvo Jewel Drops.

this is what I wound up with...
6 CAS cards...3 of each ...3 pink flowers...3 purple

This is the first version...with a purple flower.
I LOVE this GMUND Brasilia Wood Grain paper..
It's kinda like vellum...and kinda not.
It's softer than vellum (more flexible)'s a bit transparent....and the texture is fantastic! 

I also created 3 cards with a pink flower with turquoise tones.
This one may be my fave
I love the white with the's so clean bright and crisp looking

I am a fan of Tammy Tutterow's stamp designs..
I really like the font style ..
it's fun...has a casual look...
and it's BIG...the ideal size for an A2 card.

I'm happy to be back today after one week of not having time to create a card.
and I'm happy to share this set of 6 CAS cards with you.

and now...
I'm off...and heading out of the door..
It's time to walk the puppy!
(who, by the way...gets an A+ for his efforts with being housebroken!

Have a GREAT day my friends...
and thanks for visiting!


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  2. Michelle,Jackson is such a great name! Not to say so cute you just want to eat him up!
    Ok for got the card is very pretty too love the color's and the sentiment says it all! Have fun with Jackson !

  3. Replies
    1. Me too Kat....Tammy Tutterow has a small collection of this style stamp...with different sentiments ...I'm on a mission to collect all of them :)

    2. Where do you find her stamps? My town is named- Jackson- just had to share that- he is a CUTE dog

    3. Where do you find her stamps? My town is named- Jackson- just had to share that- he is a CUTE dog

  4. What a cute puppy -- that last pic, melts my heart! Love your new cards, but then again, I'm drawn to all your cards, so no surprise! Lynn

  5. Congrats on Jackson! great cards!


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