Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gone Batty

I've got a quickie blog post today...
First....a note about the garage Sale...
and then...a card..

I am totally involved with prepping
for this Saturday's GIGANTIC Crafting Garage Sale.
I've got 60 HUGE storage bins filled with card making supplies to sell!
I've been sorting and pricing everything...
and am looking very forward to the Garage Sale.
If you're local to Long Island...or live in NYC/ the 5 Boros...New Jersey or Westchester..
c'mon over...
I promise ...you'll find lots of insane bargains!  

I haven't had much time for card making lately.
(it's all abut the Garage Sale right now)
I DO have a Halloween card to share...
How appropriate that I am calling this blog post..."Gone Batty"
(Some might say that "Batty" describes me...with all of the garage Sale chaos I've got going on)

I recently shared a card here on my blog that was created with dies from Top Dog Dies..
a company that was at the top of my "favorites" list.
Sadly Top Dog went out of business...
But..the good news is...
I have oodles and oodles of their dies.
(I must admit...I often fantasize about Top Dog opening up their web store again)
A girl can wish...can't she?

Here's my batty Halloween card...
created with  Top go dies sets
One set is the tree branch with the hanging bats...
The other die set is the flying bats.

I die cut the tree and hanging bats once...
using black metallic card stock for the bats...and woodgrain brown card stock for the tree branch.
and then..
I die cut 2 sets of the bats...also with Black Metallic card stock.

I blended some ink with my Clarity Brushes to create a moonlit night sky...
I hand cut and stamped the sentiment pieces
then added some color to each with the brushes and ink
I arranged and attached he bats...and the sentiment pieces...
then matted that entire piece on Black Metallic card stock 
and wha-la!
I've got a batty Halloween card!

Here's a close-up...
I have a few different bat die sets..
but I like this one best...because of the embossed details on each bat.
(You can see the embossed details better in the photo above )
I also like this set because none of my other bat dies have a bat with down-turned wings.
This set does!
So that makes this die set a fave...for sure!

I have to say..
I am missing being able to spend wonderful long days and evenings in my studio...
but preparing for the garage sale is front and center right now.
Soon enough..I'll be back in my studio...
and hopefully 60 storage bins of crafting things will no longer be here...on the premises!

Have a wonderful day my crafty friends..
thanks for visiting today...
if you're local...I hope see you on Saturday...
You can't imagine how much I WISH that ALL of my fantastic crafty on line friends
lived nearby...
so that you, too, could visit us at the Garage sale!


  1. Gorgeous card and love how the moon gives off a glow in the background

    1. Thanks Katie...this was a fun card to create!


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