Thursday, February 25, 2016

Some Simple Botanicals

Sometimes, when I attend a crop...or go on vacation...I like to take along a card making project that doesn't require me to pack up my entire stash of supplies...

Weeks before a trip, I usually think about something to work on...and plan it out...and bring along what I will need for that specific project...and that specific project only

This usually means that I bring along a small group of stamps that I'd like to work with..and things to "color" them supplies etc
I'll also pre-cut a nice big stack of  1/4 sheets of card stock or water color paper...and use each 1/4 sheet for one image...

This works well for me...
I never feel overwhelmed with packing..
and I use what I do bring....which is nice
and....I am usually very productive.

The cards below are simple botanical images that I colored (pencil and baby oil blending) on a getaway about 2 years ago....when most of our house was packed for construction..and I didn't have access to all of my card making "stuff"

I recently unpacked a box and found these images.....and made them into some CAS (Clean and Simple) cards....
I like a clean neat crisp look with a little bit of the white background works for me...
My feeling is....not every card has to be a whoop-dee-do half day long project
Sometimes...(most times for me) simple is nice...and can also be pretty.

I'll be taking a weeks vacation soon..and plan on bringing a few stamp sets...embossing heat SU Marker set...aquapainter....and paint that I can enjoy some watercoloring while I am away.
...and the bonus: I'll come home with a little sack of images that will be ready to be made into cards!

Cards loving friends: All of the cards featured below are available, for purchase, at the Bellissima Card Shop (ETSY)...The direct link to the etsy shop is at the top of this page.

Card making friends: real supply list today....I don't remember which stamp set this image came from....and you already know the supplies ( oil..blending stumps...)...I can tell you that I use Prismacolor Pencils...and very smooth card stock that's got some heft to it. (Smooth is key for this type of coloring)

Thanks for visiting....and don't forget to let me know what you think of these (Very) CAS cards. 
(you know how I love and appreciate your comments)

So, now, here are a few very (emphasis on VERY) CAS cards
(I love the sentiments on these cards.....the words..and the font...both)

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