Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I Love It.....I Love it Not....I Love It.....

Before I temporally retired my watercolor paraphernalia, I got out a new Stamp set (Stampin Up's ROSE WONDER) and put the brush to the paper to see what I could come up with.

Truth be told, I wasn't a big fan of this stamp set and was on the fence about getting it.
I'm still not sure if I am loving it....but I like it...enough...I guess.

Actually, I wasn't thrilled what it when I stamped it out and embossed it.
It just wasn't exciting me.

Then I water colored the images...and exciting.
I knew right  away what it was....why I wasn't loving this image...
The rose petals were lacking detail.
They were too bland.
I like rose images that have curled petal edges...some detail.....a more realistic shape
This Rose WONDER set had the right name...
I WONDERED why I bought it in the first place.

But I had embossed a stack of images...mostly in gold..and a few in white...and I am a woman of my I water colored each and every one.
And love affair.

(I think that I may have been having separation anxiety after spending a few days with the gorgeous hydrangea images I had watercolors this weekend....
I LOVE those hydrangeas...
Emphasis on L O V E
Now THAT'S what I call a card making love affair.
This rose, though?
I just wasn't feeling the love.

I didn't throw in the towel though....and water colored each and every rose that I had embossed.
My hope for finding some love was to add some nice sentiments....some lovely words...

I trimmed the images.....cut some mats from the gorgeous shimmer card stock that is my current  paper addiction...Got out my MISTI..and started the card making part of this lack luster relationship between me and the roses.

And then....
I  THINK that I MAY have heard harps... birds chirping & singing....hearts were floating in the air before my eyes.....and my heart was pitter pattering a little bit....I think that I may have even seen Cupid floating by in my studio....

Love was in the air...I think.
As each card was put together...I was feeling the love!

and so I am happy to share with you....the object(s) of my affection...

Card loving friends...all of these beauties are available for purchase in my etsy shop (link at the top of this page)

Card Making friends: if you read the prior blog post  you'll see a photo of the supplies used for yesterday's cards...The same supplies were used for the rose cards that follow below...
I've had a lot of inquiries about which ink colors i mixed on the I'll post the info above each photo pair below

So, while I am not head over heels in love...I am loving this stamp set a little bit...
No more regrets about buying it.

Thanks for visiting....and if you have a sec...please leave  a comment below....I always like to hear what you think!

And here we go....
presenting....The Roses....
and some lovely sentiments

All of the leaves in all of the photos were done with assorted greens and some yellows


Ink: Yellows

Ink: pinks and coral

Ink: pinks

Ink: pinks

Ink: pinks

Ink: yellow, coral, pink

Ink: pinks

and so...that's my adventure with Rose Wonder...
In the end...I wound up loving this stamp..a little bit....
How about you?


  1. These are stunning cards! I am awed by your talents. Thank you for sharing your blog with me via FB! Ridiculous that we can't post our blog sites to that group.


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