Saturday, February 13, 2016

For my Two Loves

I spent the day in the Studio today with friends. Five crafty and creative women...creating....and chatting....for 9 hours....How could we not have a really nice day?
And...In the end...I had created a stack of birthday cards and two Valentine cards.
While they scrapped the day away I worked on some cards....some birthday cards...and Valentine cards for my 2 loves....
My sweet and beautiful daughter...and my sweetheart.

Any day that allows me to fuss over the people that I love and cherish is a day that makes me smile.

I've already written the cards out and placed them on their pillows with something sweet and delicious...a chocolate covered Oreo.

About their cards...
I love stamping and die cutting, but sometimes it's nice to make card that's all about the these!
It was fun choosing the paper from my insane and ridiculously huge stash of 6x6 pads.
I'm really excited about my daughter and my sweetheart opening their cards...It's been years since I have made cards for ether of them.

I hope that they stand back when they open the envelope...because a flood of my love is going to exit each of their envelopes... and head straight for there hearts.

(Card making info about who makes the paper....I was so excited to find the pads in my stash, I dove right in and never paid attention to who made the paper)

Happy Valentine Day....
May your heart be touched by love....
even if it's in the smallest of ways...
                                       My sweetheart's card  

                                   My daughter's card

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