Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 6....The Last Day of Catherine Scanlon Designs Week and Giveaway

Hello my crafty and creative friends!
Welcome back for Day 6....the final day
 of Catherine Scanlon Designs Week and Giveaway, here at my blog!
I'm happy...and I'm sad today.
Happy that I've dedicated 6 days to creating & sharing wonderful..beautiful stamps with you here
and sad that today is the last of the 6 days.
(I might just have to d another Catherine Scanlon  Designs Week 
in the future!)

Don't forget to post a comment below 
so that you'll be "in" on next week's Catherine Scanlon Stamp Giveaway! now..on to today's cards!
I've got 4 cards to share with you today.
Two cards were created with Catherine Scanlon's FLOWER FRAME stamp
and 2 cards were created with the ELEGANT FLORAL FRAME stamp
(All of Catherine Scanlon's stamps are available at the ART GONE WILD web site.

Each of the cards were stamped with Versamark ink..
and heat embossed...
Some with Sparkle n Sprinkle Fine Detail White Embossing Powder 
and some with Sparkle n Sprinkle Fine Detail Black Embossing Powder.
I water colored each of today's images with Altenew Ink and a traditional paint brush.
I chose sentiments for each card form a variety of stamp sets...
by Penny Black...Papermakeup...Stampin Up
I used an assortment of LCI metallic card stock colors for matting.

First up...
2 cards created with the ELEGANT FLORAL FRAME stamp.
This is a beautiful large stamp that fills an entire card front.
I only wanted to use the upper portion of this stamped image..
so that's the portion of the image that I stamped out...embossed and water colored.
I usually heat emboss with gold when water coloring..
but this time..I went with white
for no  reason other than the fact that this image just didn't seem suited for gold.
I am happy with my decision go with the white EP.

The colors that I chose to water color this second image with
are very much like the colors used for the first card...
but the flower colors are just a little bit darker in this version
I like this image a lot..
and am happy with my decision use only the upper half of the entire image.
I like that by cropping the image... this makes those 2 big flowers the true focal point of this card.

The second stamp that I used for creating today's cards is
This is a big beautiful WOW! kind of stamp.
It's got SO much opportunity for color..with so many wonderful and different flowers
that fill a card front...side to side and top to bottom.

Flower Frame 1 is a detailed image with lots of beautiful flowers and leaves...
both big and small.
For the first Flower Frame card I heat embossed with white...
and chose purple toned colors for all of the flowers.
I love the white heat embossing with the colors that I chose for this card...
The colors are soft...serene..and soothing yet can hold their own.
I didn't want to hide any of this gorgeous image..
so I placed the small double matted sentiment kinda-sorta in the middle of the card.
I went with a dark purple and  light pastel lavender metallic card stock for the large matting layers.

After soft..serene and soothing...
I wanted to kick it up three thousand notches...
and went with an entirely different color palette.
Look at this image!!
I had so much fun choosing the ink for water coloring this image.
I wanted bold..bright...and striking.
I think that's what I wound up with.
I'm also happy with my choice to do the "bold & bright" thing...
with black heat embossing
because that seemed to really make all of the flower colors pop.

I like that this bright and beautiful card is the last card 
that I am sharing as the 6 Days of Catherine Scanlon Designs Week comes to a close here at my blog.
It goes had hand with the saying...
"Going out with a bang"!
These bright gorgeous colors sure bring some bang to my blog!

I hope that you've enjoyed these 6 days of cards created with Catherine Scanlon stamps.
It's been my pleasure to introduce many of you to these stamp designs for the first time.
I've received lots of private messages on FB 
letting me know that he stamp designs are now on your radar...
and have "wowed' they always "wow" me!
Thank you for taking time to message me...or comment here at my blog.
It makes me smile to know that these beautiful stems have bene seen
by man...for the first time....and that that you love them as much as I do.

and now..
One more reminder:
USA Card Makers....Don't forget to comment that you'll be "in" on the Giveaway.
(Winners will be announced on July 14th!)
***I'll share a re-cap of all of this weeks cards on the 13th...
and you'll have one final chance to comment...for one final entry in the GIVEAWAY.

Thanks for joining me these last 6 days.
I hope that You've been inspired...
and have discovered some new stamps that will allow you to create with joy.

Have a wonderful day my friends!


  1. Wow! These are gorgeous! What a beautiful stamp! I love the way you used just a portion of it n some of your cards, and then we can see the entire image on your final cards! Fabulous coloring on each one! Anyone would be thrilled to get one of these in their mailbox... what a treat!

  2. All incredibly gorgeous cards again! I'm totally drawn to the one done in purple and Lavender- love love it! Thanks for sharing all your talents!

  3. Love your last card the most with the black embossing powder and watercoloring. Really pops! Love that birthday sentiment too!

  4. these are beautiful different with the black/white embossing powders .

  5. I saw your post in the stamping life group and just had t Come over and look, that last card is such a stunner! I am a huge Catherine Scanlon fan, but I only have three of her sets, I am always salivating over them though, you have made them shine!

  6. LOVE all the Catherine cards!!! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Another, oh my! I love this stamp image. I love both versions and know just who I would send the subtle- toned one to. But that bold-colored one? Send it to me, my friend! SO FAB! kReN@afourthlife

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Turtle,Therese Marquez,
    Michelle,another Monday that will make my week shine ! With the gorgeous images and radiant color's . Catherine stamps are just beautiful and I visited her sight and have fallen in love with all of them ! Put them on the wish list and have to admit they have gone to the top of it ! Thanks again for the exquisite week of color and beauty! ๐Ÿข๐ŸŽˆ๐Ÿข

  10. These are gorgeous! Love the flower frame cards! So different, but both are stunning!

  11. I just came across your blog and the beautiful cards you made for this 6 day series. I have to say I think you saved the best for last. All 4 designs are wonderful but the last, bold one is my favorite. Thank you for sharing.

  12. wow!! beautiful cards!!! I really like the first 2! just gorgeous!1

  13. These are so striking! A gorgeous stamp filled with gorgeous coloring!

  14. Gorgeous, as usual! I think the purple Floral Frame card is my absolute favorite!

  15. can't decide which I like best, but I think trimming the panel was a great idea to change it up a bit...nice job on all these!


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