Friday, July 7, 2017

Day 3...Catherine Scanlon Designs Week...and a Giveaway...

Welcome back my crafty and creative friends!
Today is day 3 of Catherine Scanlon Designs Week...and Giveaway
here at my blog!

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Today...I am featuring a card created with Catherine Scanlon's 
(You can find all of Catherine Scanlons stamps the ART GONE WILD web site)

If you have visited the Bellissima Cards blog before..
You already know that I almost always create in multiples.
I may change the sentiment or color palette...
but I almost always create a short stack of cards...with the same stamp.

Todays collection started out as 3 stamps...
But after holding the paint brush for a while..
my carpal tunnel kicked in...
my right hand was completely numb from fingertips to wrist
and so... I dropped a very wet...very inked up paint brush on two of the completed cards.
What a M E S S!
There was no way to salvage the cards...
So sadly...I only have one card to share with you today.

I am sharing a few photos though...
so that you can appreciate the details on this beautiful image.

I stamped the image with Verasmark ink 
then heat embossed with Sparkle n Sprinkle Fine Detail Gold Embossing Powder.
There's lots of gold embossing on this card...especially on the leaves
as you'll see in another photo below.
(this photo is nice for a full on view of the card...but the embossing doesn't show very well) this photo... you can see all of that beautiful gold embossing!
Once the image was heat embossed..
I water colored it using an assortment of Altenew Crisp Ink pads.
I gave a light wash of color to the background and let the piece air dry.
(I am not a fan of speeding up drying time by using a heat gun...
because the air from the gun moves the water/ink around...and that changes the shading
and the way the ink migrates to its final drying place.
I chose a Penny Black sentiment..stamped it....and hand cut the banner....and the banner mat...
The banner was positioned using fun foam for a nice sturdy life and added dimension.

I chose an ivory card base...and matted the image with ivory and green LCI metallic card stock
This stamp has a "frame" at the bottom which is nice for placement a sentiment.
I wanted more layering on this card...and some added dimension..
so I opted to create and hand cut a sentiment banner
which I positioned over the stamped image banner area...beneath the flowers.
(You can see the bottom of the stamped gold embossed banner 
peeking out below the matted sentiment banner.

I wish that I had been able to salvage the other two carpal-tunnel-disaster-cards...
but they truly were a mess.
Had I finished was going to be a thank you card...
and one would have had a friendship sentiment

I'll have to make a few more cards with this stamp in the near future.
Having just one card with this beautiful image...isn't enough!

I hope that you're enjoying this week of following along 
as I create and share 6 days of cards created with Catherine Scanlon Designs Stamps.
I'll look forward to you visiting again tomorrow.
(Don't forget to post a comment below to be "in" on the giveaway)
Imagine winning a Catherine Scanlon stamp 
and being able to create beautiful floral image cards of your own!

Have a wonderful Friday!

**PLEASE NOTE...I am not affiliated with Catherine Scanlon Designs or any of the companies or products noted above.
I am simply a card maker....just like you...who enjoys sharing what I well as products that I love and enjoy creating with.


  1. Oh my! I know the worries with carpal tunnel. Add to that trigger fingers and know that I feel your pain, crafty friend. Your card is truly lovely and thanks for sharing these wonderful Catherine Scanlon designs. I have seen them before but never appreciated what could be done with them.

  2. Three more beauties! Catherine's designs keep amazing me!

  3. Lovely card with beautiful coloring! Love the flowers! So sorry your CT is bothering you... better let that hand rest!

  4. Turtle,Therese Marquez,
    Michelle another gorgeous set of cards I love the sentiment!
    Have never seen it before! Hope your CT gets better ! 🎈🐢🎈

  5. This is beautiful, Michelle! I've never heard of this company, must go check out her beautiful images! Thanks for sharing (and probably enabling!).... hugs!

  6. I love how this looks embossed, so elegant! THANK you Michelle, you are so talented!

  7. Beautiful coloring. Your cards are always beautiful Michelle.

  8. Another beautiful card. Sorry about your carpel tunnel. I love the embossing and pretty colors. The sentiment looks great!

  9. love these big stamps and the embossing ...nice texture x

  10. thanks for the chance to win...these stamps are new to me. Loving the gold embossing, really sets off your coloring/inking.

  11. Love the sunflower stamp. Beautiful card

  12. Thinking it's time to start embossing with my watercolors. These are another beautiful set

  13. Hope your hand is feeling better! Love this sunflower!

  14. And might I add - fabulous is right!

  15. I am going to clean out your supply at Etsy! 🤗🤗🤗

  16. Lovely card! Sorry you were in pain!

  17. Very elegant! Another great design! Thanks for sharing!


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