Saturday, May 13, 2017

Dogs and Paws

I've been feeling a little bit under the weather with a Springtime flu for almost 2 weeks
so I haven't been creating as many cards as I usually do. 
Still...I'm TRYING to find a little bit of time to drag myself out to the studio
to create card or two now and then.

I had some beautiful new DecoFun Bow Maker ribbon sitting on the studio work table...
calling my name... 

So I took myself out to the studio and whipped up a die cut dog card
so that I could use one of the ribbons.
I had one specific ribbon that was catching my I chose to use that one first...
A beautiful Bordeaux and Gold colored ribbon with a paw print design.

Instead of adding the embellishment when the card was complete...
I kinda started backwards...
designed the card around the ribbon!

I chose to create a die cut card...
using metallic card stock for all of the matting..and the die cut.
I embossed the largest mat layer with a paw print embossing folder (Darice)
The dog die is by one of my faves companies that I've mentioned here before...
(Top Dog Dies....The company that is, sadly, out of business now)
As I mentioned above...
The beautiful paw print ribbon is from Deco Fun Bow Maker
It actually comes in an assortment of great colors...
(I have a few of them..along int a few other prints....and am looking forward to using each one)

This time, though...
I chose to create a card with this beautiful Bordeaux/Gold colored version.

I'm really happy with this color combo 
and how the metallic card stock colors complement one another.
I also like that this card has a bit of a masculine look
and can easily be sent to a guy.
As I was choosing colors to match back to the ribbon...
I felt really pleased about how it all came together.
I particularly like how the dog's gold color picks up the gold paw prints on the ribbon and the gold metallic mat layer.
I love the embossed paw prints on the largest mat layer as well.
**That's a great Darice embossing folder to have if you create lots of dog cards, like I do.

I have the paw print ribbon in a few colors..and am loving it.
DecoFun Bow Maker's ribbon is new to me...This was my first time using it...
and I was thrilled to find that it's silky and very pliable...
unlike some ribbons that have prints on them...and feel very stiff.
(Which is why I don't buy printed ribbon)
I also have this paw print ribbon in black and white..
and I already have a card in mind that will be perfect for the black and white version.

I'm always happy to share info on a great new product here at my blog...
and today I'm happy to share info with you 
about this great DecoFun Bow Maker paw print ribbon.

If you want to take a peek at the can find it HERE at the DecoFun web site

Don't forget to check in here tomorrow 
to see what I have in mind for the black and white version of this terrific ribbon.

Thanks for visiting...
Wishing you a wonderful Saturday!

PS...You know...THIS is a BIG deal for me...I am NOT an embellishment girl
and I rarely use ribbon on a card.
BUT....this soft silky print ribbon just may have made a little bit of a ribbon lover out of me!
you can say that you witnessed the entire ribbon love fest..right here at my blog!

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