Monday, May 8, 2017

Beautiful Tulips

I've got a little story to share with you today...
along with 4 cards...

Here's the story..
I Bought a stamp that looked interesting...on line...
Something different.
Our Daily Bread's "Tulip Corner" stamp

It came
I looked at it
It didn't thrill me.
(I don't know why..but the image didn't make me feel like creating a card with it right away)
Actually..I wasn't liking it...
I put the stamp away...
and it stayed there...for a long long time.
About a year later (a year later = now)...
I FORCED myself to stamp it out a few times
to use as images for my current stack of 145 stamped and colored images.
But still..I felt no excitement about the stamped image.
ZERO interest.

I colored the images.
Still...not crazy about them.

I used most of the other images in the stack of 145 colored images.
I made lots of cards during a few week's time. love for the tulips corner images.
They sat there...while I chose other images create cards.
Cards that I was happy with..liking...loving. the stack of 145 images dwindled...
and the choices became few..
I used the tulip images.
(I kinda didn't have a choice...there weren't many options at that point)

(This is where harps are played..angels sing...hearts and butterflies fly out of me...)
This is when I became smitten.

I created the first of 4 cards.
I LOVED the card
I LOVED this stamped image!
I LOVED this stamp!

I LOVE ALL of the cards that I was able to create with the Tulip Corner stamped images!

What the heck???!!
What's wrong with me?
Why wasn't I interested in these images before?

Let me share the cards with you now...
I colored the stamped images with Copic Markers...
I paired the tulips up with some nice sentiments....quotes...print paper..
metallic card stock for matting...some embossing...
I added background color with Clarity Stencil Brushes and ink pads.
and used Nuvo Drops on a few of the cards
and fine gold thread on a few.

(I used an assortment of quotes and sentiments..most are by Impression Obsession....
one is from a stamp company that is no longer in business)

This first card was the first of the 4 cards that I created.
This is the card that ignited my love for this stamp.
I've always liked pink and green together...
I love the lacy print..
and...I love this sentiment...
(I added a few car Nuvo Drops to this card) 

Yellow, green and ivory together...another favorite of mine.
and a beautiful quote...simple...but beautiful.
I used the lacy print again on this card
and a little bit of very fine gold thread.
Love it.

I really love this quote...
Perfect for a graduation card...
or for sending inspiration.
I like the deep plum metallic card stock against the lighter rose pink print..
This card also was finished with a few dewy Nuvo Drops

and...the last of the 4 cards...
I need to create more cards like this next one...
with this particular sentiment..
I know so many people who are in the cancer club with me...
There are TOO many of us, actually..
When I was diagnosed with the first of my 3 different cancers in 2004...
I was in the cancer club alone...for a long long time...
I was young-ish...and the diagnosis of my first very rare cancer
was almost shocking to those who knew me.
Now...during the last 2 ...3...4 years...sadly, many friends have joined me in the "club"
Over the last 3 years...I have have been diagnosed with two more cancers...
so I guess that makes me the President of the club.
Now...we are all in the "club" together...
The "club" that no one really wants to belong to....ever...
never... we all are.
Loving, supporting and sometimes saying goodbye to one another..
This card is perfect for each of my much loved friends, I think
and I hope to create more of this card....with this sentiment.. in the near future. that you've seen the cards...
 Can you see now that I wonder WHY I wasn't excited about this stamp for such a long long time?
What was wrong with me?

I think that this Tulip Corner stamp is lovely....
I actually have another ODB corner stamp...Daffodils.
I am looking very forward to creating a few cards with it.

Thanks for visiting my crafty and creative friends...
How about going through your stash of stamps..
and creating a card with a stamp that you've neglected..and felt no love for.
You just might be surprised with the result...
as I was...with this stamp!

Have a wonderful day!

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