Monday, November 21, 2016

A Trip Around the World

Well, I am still in the recovery mode....
Resting, as per doctors orders...
waiting to get over having pneumonia.

It has been weeks since I last created a card
or have been able to spend some time in my studio.
 I am missing my creative time ...a lot.

The result:
My blog has been quiet.
Without creating...
I've had nothing to share.

But this morning, I realized that before getting sick
I had created a few cards
and had photos stored on my phone!!
(Note: The photos aren't the best...but they're decent enough to share)

I DO have something to share, after all!

Penny Black has a series of single stamps
that have images of popular cities.
I decided to create a note card set
using each of the 5 stamps that I had.
I wanted to use the same color palette on each of the 5 cards.
(I love the simplicity and cohesiveness created by using the same colors across all 5 cards)
I colored each of the cards with Spectrum Noir (Alcohol) markers
Each of the cards got a light brush of color
by using Clarity Stencil brushes and ink pads.

Each of the images were  double matted...
First with a narrow green mat..
and then matted again...with black.
The base cards are white.

So, now it's time to pack your bags...
We are about to take a trip to Rome, Paris, New York, London and San Francisco
complements of Penny Black!

You can see the color palette, here...
in the first card

I love this series of stamps..
The images are the perfect size for an A2 Card
and they have lots of nice detail.

Next up...
My home city....
New York.
(More specifically...I'm really Staten Island girl...and Staten Island is part of NYC)

Color was added to the sky...ground...and the buildings
with the Clarity brushes and ink pads.

Next stop...
See the double matting?

There are so many nice details in this image, too.
(They ALL have nice details, actually)

(Where a little piece of my heart will always be)
*Can you spot to "oops" on this card?
 If you were thinking that the "oops" is the scooter...
You're right!
I got a phone call while coloring the first Rome image...
wasn't paying attention...
and picked up a random blue marker...instead of the yellow marker
started to color...
and realized that I was using the wrong color.
(Next time...the scooter  will be yellow)

Next Stop....San Francisco!
San Francisco has the addition of one more color....
for the Bridge..
it just didn't seem "right" to not add a bit of a terracotta color to the Golden Gate Bridge 

I think that adding the color to the bridge was the right way to go.
What do you think?

I'm so happy to have some cards to share with you.
I have missed my card making time tremendously...
so it felt good to find some card photos on my phone
that I can share here, at my blog.

I hope that you enjoyed this little world tour...
Thanks to Penny Black!
Have a great day my crafty and creative friends!

Thanks for stopping by today...
and for not forgetting about me while I am in bed...watching LOTS of Hallmark Christmas movies...
and waiting to get over pneumonia.


  1. Oh wow, I had no idea these stamps existed. I love how you colored each of them up, such a fabulous set of cards.

  2. Love your cards!!! Hoping you feel better soon and get your strength back! Miss your cards on Facebook!

  3. Thanks so much Sherry....((hugs))...and Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you!


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