Thursday, October 27, 2016

Stopping the Christmas Cards and Going back to Autumn Cards..Just for the Day! much for the Christmas card thing.
I HAD to go back to making Autumn cards.

Here's what happened...
I ordered a bunch of the new Catherine Scanlon Stamps.
The order arrived.
I opened the box.
Joy overcame me.
I got so excited...
The stamps were gorgeous!
I took myself out to the studio.
laid everything out on the studio worktable...
sat there...
and just looked at the order ...again.

More joy.
(I was so happy and excited about every stamp that came in this order!)

and then...
I picked a stamp.
Got out my water coloring "stuff"

Holy schmoly....
I haven't water colored much lately.
And I haven't used any of my Catherine Scanlon stamps in a while either.
So working on these 3 cards sent me to card making heaven!!

I water colored with Distress ink (pads)
The  colors are off the charts fantastic.
(The photos didn't capture the  intensity of the colors and just how vibrant they really are)

I'll share pics of all 3 cards....
They're similar...but different...
Two  of the cards were matted with bronze metallic card stock... was matted with orange metallic card stock.
I used fine gold embroidery thread to gussy-up the sentiment piece.

Love Love Love
I LOVE both of the stamps that I used to create today's cards ....the image and the sentiment 

The bronze metallic mat layers add a little bit of shimmer
and are a great complement to the colors that I used to water color.

the distress ink really is fantastic for water coloring...

Card #2...
with orange metallic matting
and...again I have to say...
WOW about the ink...and how the colors dried.

Isn't the sentiment lovely?
I am over the moon crazy about Catherine Scanlon's style..
I love all of her images...and the sentiment font style  that she uses, as well.

You can see the embroidery thread this close-up

I think that  like the leaf colors best, on this card....
I love the others...but this one is kinda my favorite.

Last photo...
Look at those colors!
Wow Wow and Wow.
I have to confess....
I could have stayed in the studio for many more hours...
but it was getting late...
so I forced myself to turn off the studio lights 
and allowed my day to wind down a bit...
bringing the day to an end.

Now I am thinking about which Catherine Scanlon stamp I want to use next.
Which makes me wonder...
WILL I ever get going with some Christmas card-making???

Thanks for visiting today...
Have a great day my crafty friends.
I hope that you dig into your stamp stash..
and pull out a stamp that excite YOU...
and that YOU have as much fun creating a few cards of your own...
as I did when I created the cards that I've shared with you today.


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