Thursday, October 6, 2016

Cards with Quotes

Fact #1.
I am hooked on quote stamps.
I collect quote stamps 
the way someone else might collect
little porcelain figurines ...

Fact #2.
My friend John always seems to like cards that I create...
that have quotes.

Fact #3.
I always send John text messages with photos of every card that I create.
His text responses ...after seeing a card photo usually go something like this...
"Love it"
"Hate purple"
"The vines on those flowers look creepy"
"Not my style, too kiddish"
"Make me some of this card Mishy and make them NOW"
"LOVE that quote"
"I want cards"
"I need cards"
and so on.

Fact #4
Apparently...John THINKS that I am some sort of bionic card making machine
and insists on asking me to make cards for him IN BULK...
in spite of me reminding him by responding with this statement..
"I am one woman with two hands....I am not a machine!"

Well...Last week I sent him a photo of this card...
to ask his opinion...
to get the usual and appreciated critique from him
as offered with every photo that I send him.

So...I sent the photo via a text message...
(and then the card making lunacy began)
as it usually does when I send him card photos
when he decides that he wants cards...
("cards" in 20 cards...30 cards...3 dozen cards...)

I have actually been known to "cut him off" from asking for cards.
Cold turkey!
Not just for practical reasons like: I can't produce what he asks for.
BUT...also because it's fun to hear his reaction to being "cut-off"
with threats and whining....and a little bit of begging.
Somehow, he and I always manage to laugh...a lot...
if even at our own silliness.

But..on a more serious and appreciative note...
I am touched and so grateful that John thinks that my cards are lovely...
appreciates my work....
and is doing more than his part in helping me fulfill my goal of keeping the written word...
letter writing.....card sending...and real human generated penmanship alive!
John is a kind and generous (and a bit cuckoo)  friend who sends cards to people that he loves..."just because".
If you are his have hit the friendship jackpot of life.

John really liked this card
(He loves bird cards)
and so...he asked for multiples of this card...
assorted background colors..
and a few different quotes.

I consented...but limited him to 12 dozen...that was it.
This was not spite of what he may have been thinking!
Surprisingly....he agreed...
with minimal whining and attempt at manipulating me or twisting my arm to make more.

And so it began..
Me.....some quote Clarity brushes...some ink pads...
and this sweet little Chickadee stamp Our Daily Bread

As promised..I created 12 cards total....
3 different quotes...
all with the Chickadee...
in an assortment of the orange and green

 I love the 3 quotes that John chose for his cards

As soon as the cards were finished...
they were sent on their way to my cherished friend and #1 card cheerleader...
my much loved friend of 30+ years....John.

John...I hope that this blog post and photo brings a smile 
when you check in here at my blog today....
Love you, John ...and thank YOU for the enormous love that you have for my cards.
May we always keep the light of our young inner spirits alive...
(aka our immature selves)
may we always laugh at ourselves and one another...
when you ask me to make 3 dozen cards for you ASAP....
Please please please remember
(as I always tell a loud and stern voice...)


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  2. xoxo (1st xoxo's had a typo....of course!

  3. John sounds like a great guy and you are a wonderful friend! Beautiful cards!

    1. Thanks Susie....He's a sweetheart....I am blessed to count him as a friend...

  4. A wonderful story and beautiful cards 😃

  5. You really should make a video on how u you use your brushes....please!!!


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