Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Marsupial ("JIG") Layering Tool Video Tutorial and "Cheat Sheet"

My sweetheart had some time when he got home from work...
and so I was able to put together the Marsupial Layering Tool video
a few days earlier than expected.

There has been so much excitement about the tool in the days since I posted the  first, impromptu video, a few weeks ago.
So many people have contacted me..messaged me....emailed me..called me...etc..
...asking about the tool...
How it works
asking...How is the quality
What's the price
Does it REALLY work
Where can they buy it
and so on

I have been doing my best in keeping up on responding to everyone on FB..and via private messages and emails...
but thought that a video would be the best way to show you the tool in action...and answer all of the remaining questions that I may not have been able to get to yet

As an added nice thing that came about since I shared the first video...
I've been contacted by the inventor of the tool..
Yes!...the inventor...Matt...
I give him thunderous applause for being "the guy" who invented/created this great tool
 I'd guess that he would be the most popular person in a rom full of card makers..

He is appreciative of all of the attention the "JIG" (Original name of the tool) has gotten via my  original video.

The retailer of the tool (Marsupial Pouches and Papers)
has also been in contact with me...
and has offered a discount code ....$10 off of the purchase price when ordered via their web site
(I will post the code and web link below...in a sec.)

The Layering Tool is currently sold out at Marsupial Pouches and Paper (.com)..
because a significant number of tools were sold after my first video.
It's anticipated that they will be back in stock "soon"
(approx ETA: "next week")

Before you watch the video...
take a fast look at these photos of my "Cheat Sheet"
(the video will make more sense)
These are photos and information that you will want to print out and save..
and then tack up on the wall in front of your crafting desk.....
Because they are key in using your layering tool properly....easily...and efficiently..

I know..the math looks overwhelming...
but it's not
Trust me
After you mat a few times..you won't even need the "Cheat Sheet"
because the cutting is essentially how you cut now for mat layering...
The photos just guide you as to which section of the tool to use for a particular mat width.
And...best of all
Unlike the Cheat Sheets of our youth..
you DO get to keep this one on your desk when you work!

The video tutorial follows the Cheat Sheet photos...below
(When you watch the video... the photos will make sense)

The coupon code
the web link to Marsupial Pouches and Paper (where you can order the Layering Tool follows  below, as well.

the stamp set giveaway info is also posted below 
Comment to this blog post and sign up for email updates to this blog..
and you will be entered in the giveaway
(Winner to be announced Friday evening...March 25th)

Finally...I would like to add
this tool is simply fantastic
I know that some you have said that you thought it was pricey
and that shipping was high
But..I say..
look at it this way
You are getting something that's made with quality
it IS useful
and....it DOES work
an the $10 coupon code kind of offsets the shipping cost
To me, it's a no brainer.

Okay now..
thanks to my sweetheart, Gary, (aka my camera man)
here's the Marsupial Layering Tool video tutorial..
but first...the "Cheat Sheet" photos

Please know..
I am not a video pro...
I am just a card maker/crafty person like YOU
I'm not going to type up something elaborate in Excel...
create a chart...
or anything similar
for the measurements
You are seeing me....in my home studio..
sharing my little tips and tricks and behind the scenes things that I personally do
when I sit down to create some cards
We all have our little tricks and things that we do...
and now...
You're getting to see mine.

What I share is basic..
not all fancy schmancy
but you'll walk away knowing a little bit more than you knew when you first got here

Okay..so here we go...

the star of the show...
The Marsupial Layering Tool (The "JIG"...the original name)

The matting sizes in each of the 4 quadrants

Cropping measurements for each matting size
1/4 inch is how much you will crop off of the top most layer that you wish to mat onto the bottom piece of card stock..in  a 2 layer mat
2 x 1/8 of an inch = 1/4 inch
bottom layer of card stock = 4 x 5 1/4
crop off 1/4 inch on one of the 4 inch sides..
and 1/4 off of one of the 5 1/4 sides
**NOT all 4 sides...just 2
the cropped piece will now measure 3 3/4 x 5
This cropped piece will lay on top of the larger piece of card stock

To mat using the tool....
put adhesive on the back side of the smaller piece of card stock
place it, adhesive side up...in the lower grooves of the 1/8 grooves/part of the tool
Lay the larger piece...wrong side up...over the smaller piece....
butting the lager piece into the upper groove in the 1/8 inch section of the tool/template
Making sure that all 4 edges of each piece is butted up against the sides of the groove is important
This gives a precision mat...in the end...when its assembled.
Practice a few times with cheap copy paper...
You'll be amazed at how good you are...
and how easy the tool is to use.

Experiment by layering different mat widths to create an assortment of mat sizes... stacked together...

You will always begin each mat by placing the SMALLEST piece of card stock into the tool FIRST...right side of the card stock or paper facing DOWN..with adhesive on the back side
The LARGER piece goes on TOP of the smaller piece...RIGHT side facing down
And that's it!
You've got a perfect mat
(Brush up on your cutting skills if you're a haphazard cutter...
Exact cutting and measuring with your trimmer is very important) 
IF YOU ARE MATTING SQUARE cuts of card stock...
trim 2 sides only...NOT all 4

the measurements for creating a 1/2 inch mat
Follow directions above...for all matting....
Now that you know how to mat one size...
you know how to mat all sizes
Just the cutting and cropping is different
so..here's the measurements for cropping layers 
You will take 1 inch off of the long side..
and 1 inch off of the short side of the top most layer of card stock

For matting  a 3/8 mat
These are the  measurements
Crop/trim 3/4 off of one short side..
and off of one long side
Now you've got the top layer of a 2 layer mat ready to go!
Assemble in the layering Tool a described above.

and finally..the 4th section of the layering Tool
This section has multiple grooves for n multiple matting widths
*Look at the photo of the top side of the tool (posted above)
See the different ridges in the secant marked 1/4 and 3/4?
They are the  cutting/cropping measurements for those mat dimensions
1/4 is the narrow ridge at the top...
3/4 is the wider ridge

Now you've got the measurements..
and you're all set

Numbers and fractions and measuring can be overwhelming
The truth is..this is no different than the cutting and trimming you've done for all of you other matting

The difference is...the tool PLACES the card stock layers with precision... for you..
You don't have to eyeball it anymore..and risk having the layers off-center and crooked.
If you cut and trim accurately...your mats will be precise and perfect with this tool.

Okay..now here's the video...
Save it on YouTube..and refer to it if you aren't sure when you receive your tool and sit down to do your first mat..

 The info is all here..in the video..
Now get to ordering your tool right now...
so that you can start matting with perfection!
As I always say to my crafty pals when I find something awesome...
"You NEED this!"

The Coupon Code is: LAYER10
(The code is valid ONLY at the Marsupial Pouches and Paper web site)

and finally...
comment below and sign up for email updates of my blog, Bellissima Cards, and you'll have a chance to win this Stamp set
(Winner will be picked at random this Friday...March 25th)

Thanks for visiting..
and enjoy your Marsupial layering Tool!


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