Monday, March 7, 2016

Coloring Outside of the Lines...a Very CAS Sympathy Card

I gravitate to simplicity in a card sketch.
This card is SO me.
Emphasis on SO ME
CAS to the max.

I wanted to try this simple image on a sympathy card
Doing nothing to it...
Just stamp it with Versamark....and add some gold heat embossing

So that's what I did.
I liked it...
but felt like it needed a smidgen of color.
But where?
Other than a few little spots on the flower itself
there weren't many "coloring" options.
The leaves were solid....and now, after embossing, they were solid gold..

So what does a watercolor loving girl do?
She gets out her paint brushes and starts to experiment...
adding color...

The little flower took a few dabs of color nicely.
But it still needed something else.
But where?
There wasn't another opened space to paint.

And thats when I decided to color outside of the lines. the end....I LOVED it!

Adding just a speck of color did exactly what I wanted it to do...
in a very subtle way.
Perfect for this particular sympathy card, I think.
Clean..simple...yet it has some color.
I now officially in love with coloring outside of the lines.

See the green alongside the long, graceful leaves?
That's where I "colored outside of the lines"

Now lets chat about the paper....the card stock.
This card stock is so beautiful...
so natural looking..
It looks like a fiber paper...but its card stock...
it feels light card stock..(it's nice and heavy too)...
but all of those little "fibers" and specks are so nice...
and make this card stock the perfect companion for a botanical/nature-like image
By the took the water coloring nicely.
I didn't mist the paper before painting...
I just painted directly.....wet brush with ink... to paper.

But..back to the paper for a sec...
take a look ...
here's another close-up that isn't focusing on the gold embossing and the painting...
See the specks and fibers?
I'll make the photo "extra large" you can see the detail.
It' also a very very smooth card stock.

(This card stock is now wayyyyy up at the top of my card stock love list)
I keep thinking of all of the images I want to pair it with.
I'm looking very forward to creating some more cards with it...
(Like maybe..... tomorrow)

But that won't be happening...
because a friend has asked me to make 50 of these cuties..
assorted dogs..and assorted colors...
His choice on the card
My choice on the colors and the dogs.
I've got Sharpeis, Poodles and Doxies to add to this group.
50 of these should keep me busy.
Don't ya think?

Card Loving friends: This sympathy card is now available for sale at The Bellissima Card Shop...there's only one..this one...(I'll be adding more cards like this in the near future...with an assortment of sentiments...Thank You...Birthday...Friendship...)

Card Making friends: Here's a brief supply list for the sympathy card only....more on the dogs at a later date (when they're done)
*List below does not include the obvious trimmer..adhesive etc)
Stamp: SU
Color: ZIG Clean Color Real Brush Tip Markers
Paper: PTI, LCI and SU
Gold EP: Sparkle n Sprinkle

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